The reformer offers a dynamic approach to your Pilates practise designed to reform your body.  It is an incredible full body work out that increases flexibility, strength and control. The reformer requires you to work with springs and resistance while focusing on alignment helping you improve your posture, gain better balance and increase stability, especially when in motion.  A well connected, stable body moves well and is less prone to injury. The series of moves used in reformer aim to open, lengthen and strengthen the whole body including the feet, legs, glutes, hips, shoulders and back, all the while engaging the core to stay stable and balanced.  Each exercise is balanced by another: for every contraction, there is a release and for every push there is a pull.  The low impact means your joints will be thankful too.

Small group sessions will dramatically excel your progress.  We keep a close eye to ensure you move your body safely while encouraging you to reach your fullest potential.   You will leave feeling invigorated, longer and aware if muscles you never knew you had. 

The best way to start is with an Intro Reformer Package of £70 for x 1 private + x 3 classes at a discounted rate. The private session will help you become familiar with the reformer, giving you more confidence so you get the most out of your classes.  You can book your initial private session here. 

Your introduction sessions can easily be booked online below.


  • A full body workout

  • High intensity, low impact

  • Improves balance and athletic performance

  • Increases flexibility and strength

  • Fast and effective results

  • Full range of motion