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Private Sessions

Private sessions are the most efficient way to address your personal needs, challenges and goals. These tailored sessions are time for you to focus on what you solely need and 100% about you! You can take these regularly alongside small group practise sessions for self learning, development and to maximise results. We work together with you to get you to where you want to be.

Private Inductions

Private inductions are the most effective way to start your Pilates journey. Become familiar with terminology and movements and receive a complimentary small group class. If you have a specific goal in mind, your session will be adapted to suite of the following:

The focus will be on learning the basics, how to manoeuvre during a small group session and gain some confidence working with this magical piece of equipment. It can take time, the reformer gets better and better the more familiar you become and the more you master it. The reformer is understandably popular with it’s vast offerings and reputation for reforming bodies!

Experience the genius of the equipment with this original way of doing Pilates. With the support of springs, the arc of  the barrels and expert guidance, your body will go places you never even dreamed of. The studio approach is the ultimate you can give your body in Pilates.

You know you want to get to the group classes in matwork and you want to make sure you’re doing it well to get the most out of the classes. Your induction will be focussed on learning the basics and building confidence to join a group environment. The mat is at the heart of Pilates and challenging to do well without equipment! There’s just you and gravity.

You’re not sure what you to do but know your goals of what you’d like to achieve. We can guide you to discover what’s best for you and your body and find out where you feel most connected through a combination of everything!