With a mix of small equipment and mat work, we offer individually tailored personal sessions for all of your needs and desires.  Private Sessions allow us to completely focus on you and your body.  This is both beneficial if you’re brand new to Pilates and for the most advanced – the sessions are tailored solely to you.

Our Private Sessions can easily be booked online below, by calling us on 0121 439 3440 or by emailing us at hello@pilateslounge.co.uk or booking online below. If you have any queries please click the button below to send us a message.



  • Introduction to Pilates

  • Optimise the full benefits of your whole body workout

  • Train for a specific sport, activity or event

  • Injury prevention or recovery

  • Correct postural or biomechanical imbalances

  • Rapid progression in your existing sessions

  • Add extra variety to your workout schedule