Becki performing a perfect Plié on a North American Tectonic Plate in Iceland!
Angela in South Africa!
Nikki in Barcelona!
Nikki in Barcelona!
Rachel at Europa Point in Gibraltar!
Becki in Casperia!
Alison ward om-ing it up in Connemara!
Our very own wedding Barre Belles!
Michelle and Tracey at the Fun Run
Beautiful arabesque Michelle!
Becky in Cyprus!
Mary in Spain!
Sarah in Jamaica!
Sophie in Cyprus!
Ruannan in New York!
Rachael at Nightingale's BIrmingham!
Yvonne in Switzerland!
Yvonne in Switzerland!
Becky in Rome!
Vivienne in Mauritius!
Eleanor in Australia!
Pilates Lounge on Tour
Nikki in London!
Clare & Natasha in Casperia, Italy
Vivienne in the Big Apple!
John in Rome!
niki-Nikki & Paul in Snowdonia!
Max & Vivienne in Devon!
Clare at the Classical Pilates Convention!
Clare & Becky at Moor Hall