Pilates is our absolute love and we feel this is a must as a foundation for all forms of movement.  We study hard to understand how and why this brings so much benefit to your body and your life.  We recognise that Pilates supports your other activities whether that be cycling, golf, football, etc.,  In quest to help you condition your body we offer fitness components like TRX, Yoga and Barre that give you variety and work your body in other ways.

Varying your routine can help you stay physically challenged. It’s worth noting you body adapts to an exercise programme within 6-8 weeks (different to Pilates where your working on a discipline) and you may not get the same results that you got at the beginning. Barre and TRX routines are refreshed regularly in aid of helping you achieve the best results again and again.

There are many ways you can vary your routine, the most obvious one is change of class time/day – this might mean a new teacher with different moves and a different approach – switching on not only different muscles but your mind as you hear different cue’s. Of course you could try a completely new thing or side step onto TRX if you always do Barre – add in a run, cycle ride, swim. The list is endless – even within the same class, using higher weights or moving to a different space will just stimulate you differently.

We will be offering lots of pop ups over the next coming months – particularly in December so look out for those and give yourself a challenge.  To help you in the meantime we are running a 4/4 offer.  4 classes a week for 4 weeks – they can of course be used for 4 Pilates classes as we cannot ever do too much Pilates but maybe challenge yourself to try something different but doing one of each. This offer is available to purchase up until the 26th November.