Thank you to everyone for taking part in our Reformer Sessions over the last few months. It’s been great to see such improvements in such a short space of time. To help you improve further we’ve created three levels of classes; Beginners, Foundations and Flow. If you’re asking yourself “Which class should I book onto?” please read below for a bit more detail..

The pace of a Beginners Reformer class is designed to give you the perfect introduction and an opportunity to get familiar with the Pilates Reformer and mastering techniques so you can reap the benefit of future classes. Even this basic level will give your body a full workout.

It’s advisable you attend a good few Beginners before moving on. Here you’ll build confidence, as well as core strength and flexibility so that when you move on to the Foundations and Flow classes, you’ll find the experience a more enjoyable and effective workout.

A classic reformer workout at a manageable pace to give good time to get in and out of movements. Ideally you’d have a good few Beginners classes under your belt and already be confident with the springs and the straps. You can expect a varied and whole body workout with lots of the fundamental movements and exercises.

Prepare for an invigorating total body workout. The speed of reformer flow means you’re confident with transitions between exercises and you have some solid foundation classes under your belt. Not for the inexperienced or light hearted – serious fun and results to be had with this one. Enjoy this faster paced class while working on balance and strength.