What do you love most about Pilates?
I consider myself an eternal optimist and the positivity Pilates promotes compliments this perfectly.

Pilates offers everyone an opportunity to focus some time on themselves; connecting and in turn strengthening the mind and body.

What do you love most about Pilates Lounge?
Clare’s (Founder of Pilates Lounge) passion for Pilates is infectious and her immense knowledge of the discipline is filtered down to all clients through her highly trained team of teachers.  Small classes ensure that everybody, all of the time, has the opportunity to receive thorough instruction, guidance and development each visit.

Also, the community is friendly, supportive and welcoming to all.

What’s your biggest achievement yet – the thing you are most proud of?
My children.  Whilst I can by no means take all of the credit – I am immensely proud of the hard working, fun loving, kind, considerate and beautiful young ladies they have grown in to.

What’s you biggest challenge yet?
Parenting!  Beyond that, balancing home life, a full-time job and my Pilates teacher training studies.

Sum up in 5 words how you feel about what you do.
Passionate, motivated, proud, happy, determined.