We all know health is more than just about the body and this day retreat really soothed the soul.  

Walking into The Nook immediately touches your senses, I could smell the fresh mint and herbs ready for the food demonstration ahead and then was greeted with a very welcome coffee from Geraldine.  Geraldine (who runs Wellness and Nutrition https://www.facebook.com/NaWSocial/) was the perfect host – looking after everyone, offering everything under the sun.  She had every type of milk, even my oat milk which hardly anyone has and a choice of whatever coffee or tea you wanted.  Chilled bottles of water had been thought about for people to take into our flow session and there wasn’t enough she could do to make us feel more welcome.  Wandering out into the back to meet other retreaters feels like you’re entering a little oasis, a secret little garden with luscious flowers and comfortable seating. A slice of tranquility for you to taste.

The Pilates flow session was fun – I was grateful for everyone’s effort in a mixed ability class, we explored what was possible and didn’t worry about what was not. Moving through the flow in as many planes as possible ensured a rich movement diet for our bodies.  The room was just the right size and felt cooler in the shade which was very welcome in the heat.

Nikki from Rebel Recipes was amazing! She is so passionate about plant based eating and insisted how easy and tasty everything was.  She wasn’t wrong, while she chopped into all the fresh ingredients, she talked about her experiences with plant based food and how she is quite a rebel when it comes to rules.  Her food is tasty, filling and adventurous – of course it’s packed with nutrients and flavour.  It was great to see how accessible and simple it was to make and will certainly be having a go myself. My favourite was the super green pea and mint soup packed with lots of protein.  Luckily all her recipes are on social media with most updated content being on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rebelrecipes/

The Nook itself leads onto Cannock Chase – what a back garden!!! So of course we took the opportunity to walk off some of all the lunch we ate. Geraldine led us through the nature filled path while we got a little more acquainted and a little out of breath! It was perfect though and shaded by the tall trees on such a hot day ensured we didn’t get sunburn. There’s something fulfilling about being among nature, with good people and full of good food that warms your heart.

We finished off the day with a refreshing drink before heading in for our stretch session.  After some hip opening, shoulder release and hamstring lengthening, it was to the floor for relaxation – a well deserved release.  Truly felt great all evening, better than a therapeutic session. Huge thanks to everyone who came and Nikki and Geraldine for making so relaxed.