TRX requires you to build a lots of core strength and balance. Many demanding yoga moves also require the same but together they can pack a powerful punch in helping you build these skills. Using the straps, they can either give you confidence to go deeper to challenge you to become stronger – of course you can do without but the unique combination is really beneficial. While experimenting with putting this class together, I found even the slightest tweak can change the intensity of the exercises. I loved how I could get into a handstand without too much wobble with the support of the straps. While you may not be ready to explore the handstand, we will use the TRX to find balance between strength, flexibility and even the mind which is one of the hardest things to achieve.

TRX yoga is not meant to replace traditional yoga but it is great for finding connections and helps train your body and the feeling in your muscles of where to go and how it should feel when not using the straps – eventually your body learns to hold itself and keep connected. Overall, TRX is great at accessing and working on stabilizing muscles, working your body in functional ways and building strength and balance. We know these skills prevent injury in sports and life!