With rugby being such a dynamic, hard hitting sport many injuries can occur. The spinal area is prone to injury as are ankles, shoulders and most other parts of the body.

It’s no secret that regular Pilates exercises can help stabilise these areas, making you stronger and able to decrease the risk of injury.

The main focus of Pilates is core strength and alignment which protects your spine and maintain it’s health. Pilates will help develop your shoulder girdle and hip strength and flexibility. There’s also a focus on ankle and joint stability all of which will help you shrug off injuries each time you twist, turn and take hits throughout a rugby game.

Many professional rugby clubs understand and enjoy the benefits of Pilates as you can see from the video below where the London Irish are taking part in a reformer class with Ten Pilates.

We offer Pilates reformer classes here in Sutton Coldfield, they are a perfect way to develop your strength, spine support and protection. You can book online today with the 3 for £30 Intro Offer.

If you have any questions about Pilates please drop us an email to hello@pilateslounge.co.uk and we’d be happy to tell you more!