Date: 16/02/2020 Time: 16:00am  – 18:00pm 

Counteract high energy, overstimulation and stress with a focus on relieving the mind and releasing tension in the body. Start the workshop with a slow flow yoga class. You will be taken through mindful movements and fluid transitions to nurture strength, mobility and balance within the body before being brought into a transformative vibrating sound bath.

* There will be a short water/toilet break and time to get blankets and pillows.

This is your time to totally relax. Forget the world sink into an ocean of healing sound waves and be ‘bathed’ in sound while the therapeutic sounds wash over you. Sound Baths are an incredible way to relieve stress, aid relaxation and improve sleep . Referred to as a form of vibrational medicine, sound bath healing uses instruments such as Himalayan & quartz singing bowls, gongs & percussion, the human voice to resonate deeper within ourselves and stimulate deep healing.

The sound healing will be led by Becky from Grounded Peace. Becky is a Sound Healer and has been a qualified, accomplished musician for over 20 years. Combining her natural love for the power of sound, music and healing work she creates intuitive and powerful soundscapes to aid the body’s energy to unblock and rebalance through the vibrations created by the beautiful healing instruments.

Be ready to indulge in a grounding and nourishing experience. You will feel warm and fuzzy inside, like a weight has been lifted and a sense of relief and comfort.

* It is advisable to bring warm comfortable clothing, a pillow and a blanket.
* Please note that this event is not suitable for people with epilepsy, pregnant, a pacemaker (or any other electronic fitted devices) or 14 years or younger.

£20 Early bird discount if booked before 5th January – £25 after that date.