Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness has many evidence based health and wellbeing benefits including stress reduction, anxiety and depression relief, pain reduction, confidence/creativity enhancement and much more. This 2 hour workshop is an introduction to mindfulness suitable for beginners to discover more understanding about mindfulness training, what it is and how the associated health benefits can improve personal [...]


Ballet Bootcamp

Define, shape, tone and lengthen in this ballet inspired workout. Suitable for every level with classic ballet exercises like pliés and planks to burn calories and tone legs, arms and abs to perfection. With regular practise, you will have sculpted, strengthened dancer’s physique no time. This is a full body workout will focus on [...]


Essential Oils for Sleep & Relaxation Workshop

Join us for a wonderfully aromatic slow flow yoga while you harmonise your senses with specially selected pure essential oils. EssentiallyRu will begin the workshop by sharing with you the amazing benefits these natural oils can bring to your life. By the end, you will understand the positive impact of essential oils and how [...]

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