Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery

Join us for free Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery classes - every Friday at 12:30pm Yvonne will be delivering your sessions absolutely FREE - every week. Here is a little more about Yvonne. Breast Cancer Awareness is very personal to me, now 2 year since my diagnosis. I’d like to share with you the many [...]


Welcome to the neighbourhood!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting Ebrook’s new space in the centre of Sutton Coldfield. Emily Ward and her team are now part of the neighbourhood meaning we can get to her more easily! I feel so blessed and lucky to have such a service right at our feet.  Ebook’s combined services really [...]


Wellbeing Day Retreat

We all know health is more than just about the body and this day retreat really soothed the soul.   Walking into The Nook immediately touches your senses, I could smell the fresh mint and herbs ready for the food demonstration ahead and then was greeted with a very welcome coffee from Geraldine.  Geraldine (who [...]


Bump and Beyond

Pregnancy is such an exciting and precious time. Your body changes so much in such a short space of time to prepare for your new arrival. With all these changes it can be difficult to know what exercises are safe and beneficial for you and your baby (or babies!). There seems to be a [...]

Pilates for Arthritis

There are over 200 types of arthritis. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. This condition causes wearing of the joint cartilage which is the cushioning substance within the joints. This can cause inflammation and stiffness resulting in discomfort and pain. Contrary to popular belief we need to move more and actually one of [...]


Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Willis

What do you love most about Pilates? I'm quite methodical and I love how pilates exercises are all about building a balance between strength and flexibility. Each class is a whole body work out, with each move targeting a particular area, addressing any imbalances so that the whole body can work to its full potential. [...]


Teacher Spotlight – Holly Dugmore

What do you love most about Barre? All of it! What do you love most about Pilates Lounge? The thing I love most about PL is the friendly, community spirit between everyone.  I have made some great friends through classes I have participated in and through teaching.  Clare and Katie are so supportive of clients [...]


This is how we roll

If you’ve experienced the magic of foam rollers you might be like me and have a love/hate relationship with them, the more I use them though, the more this tips towards the love end of the scale.  I happen to love that they just might possibly help with my cellulite too! Hard not to love [...]


Should I Have a Private Session?

We often get asked what is the best way to get started.  Without a shadow of a doubt a private session will give you the most comprehensive beginning simply because it’s individual and all our attention is for solely you for that time period.  We are able to answer your personal questions and concerns [...]