Benefits of TRX Yoga

TRX requires you to build a lots of core strength and balance. Many demanding yoga moves also require the same but together they can pack a powerful punch in helping you build these skills. Using the straps, they can either give you confidence to go deeper to challenge you to become stronger - of [...]

Pilates for Rugby

With rugby being such a dynamic, hard hitting sport many injuries can occur. The spinal area is prone to injury as are ankles, shoulders and most other parts of the body. It’s no secret that regular Pilates exercises can help stabilise these areas, making you stronger and able to decrease the risk of injury. [...]

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Bump and Beyond

Pregnancy is such an exciting and precious time. Your body changes so much in such a short space of time to prepare for your new arrival. With all these changes it can be difficult to know what exercises are safe and beneficial for you and your baby (or babies!). There seems to be a [...]

Stick with it!

The best kind of workout is one you can stick with.  Many of you have asked about Barre Extend and how it can help you so to shed some light on it, I thought we’d explain a little more about resistance based training and then you can understand some of the benefits of training this [...]

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Benefits of regular exercise

There are  many excellent reasons to exercise regularly, not least for pure fun and enjoyment! Weight Control Exercising regularly helps to prevent weight gain as well as maintaing weight loss. During physical exercise calories are burnt and muscle strength and tone are improved, which in turn help to make you feel more positive about your [...]

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Pilates for Anxiety and Stress

Pilates Lounge was born out of a passion to make the benefits of Pilates accessible to everyone.  Originally intended to just share how this incredible method can change your life.   On a personal level, I suffered severe panic attacks and anxiety.  For me doing Pilates literally was about getting my life back.  I forget [...]

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