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Barre Fusion – 9th May

This complete fusion of all Barre will bring you the best of all worlds... Barreless, Barre, Extend, Core AND Asana to finish will leave you exhilarated, energised and maybe a little elated at fitting so much in your one workout. This session promises to let you have your cake AND eat it Thursday 9th [...]

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Stick with it!

The best kind of workout is one you can stick with.  Many of you have asked about Barre Extend and how it can help you so to shed some light on it, I thought we’d explain a little more about resistance based training and then you can understand some of the benefits of training this [...]

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34 Mat Challenge 30th March

To celebrate and mark the end (well almost the end) of March Matness, we will follow the original sequence and work at a pace that establishes stamina, continual movement and ensures that every muscle of the body is both stretched and strengthened. There will be options but you must be familiar with the exercises [...]

Pilates for Arthritis

There are over 200 types of arthritis. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. This condition causes wearing of the joint cartilage which is the cushioning substance within the joints. This can cause inflammation and stiffness resulting in discomfort and pain. Contrary to popular belief we need to move more and actually one of [...]


Teacher Spotlight: Sarah Willis

What do you love most about Pilates? I'm quite methodical and I love how pilates exercises are all about building a balance between strength and flexibility. Each class is a whole body work out, with each move targeting a particular area, addressing any imbalances so that the whole body can work to its full potential. [...]


Teacher Spotlight – Holly Dugmore

What do you love most about Barre? All of it! What do you love most about Pilates Lounge? The thing I love most about PL is the friendly, community spirit between everyone.  I have made some great friends through classes I have participated in and through teaching.  Clare and Katie are so supportive of clients [...]


This is how we roll

If you’ve experienced the magic of foam rollers you might be like me and have a love/hate relationship with them, the more I use them though, the more this tips towards the love end of the scale.  I happen to love that they just might possibly help with my cellulite too! Hard not to love [...]