TRX is effective, functional training. Be prepared to sweat and see results really fast. You don’t have to go pro to train like one. You will grow stronger in an encouraging, highly motivated environment. TRX is so versatile, we offer pure and simple TRX classes and Pilates inspired classes using the straps. No matter which class, TRX is powerful, smart and open to everyone.

TRX Foundations

TRX Foundations is a great place to start getting to grips with suspension training or to reinforce the fundamentals of bodyweight training. You will build confidence and stamina with this low impact but strong workout. You are challenged with deliberate instability to improve balance and control. Suitable for beginners.

TRX Pure

TRX Pure is a no frills, high strength, low impact session. Guaranteed to tap into all your muscles groups to tone, strengthen and challenge you. TRX is intense functional training using your own bodyweight. A full body conditioning workout that is kind to the joints, full of variety and progression making you stronger faster.


Adding some Focused Interval Training (F.I.T) into your workout is a proven scientific backed method to achieve incredible results. TRX F.I.T adds cardio bursts to ramp up your heart rate to burn extra calories and dramatically increase your fitness. Expect high energy and fun challenges

TRX Pilates

TRX Pilates is an innovative fusion that will stretch you while you strengthen – the moves challenge your body in new ways. Using straps and your body weight to complete this low-impact yet intense effective workout. Focus on form to build and strengthen long lean muscles. Some Pilates experience is recommended to enjoy the full benefits of this class.